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AV Technology for Fitness Facilities

AV Technology for Fitness Facilities

April 3, 2020

This morning we heard the announcement that medical health officers have issued an order closing all fitness centres, gyms, yoga studios, or similar personal training facilities, whether indoors or outdoors.  Being in business right now is tough enough but if your customers can’t come to you why not virtually go to them.   Staying connected with our customers is so important and will help us and them get through these strange times. 

There are many great platforms being used such as Facebook Live, Zoom, Skype and many others to stream your content.  However, phones and laptop cameras aren’t designed to maximize the customer’s experience.  Here are some things to consider:

  • Acoustics – helps with the “echo” in your workout space so even if you are using a phone or laptop the audio your customers hear will be better quality and more enjoyable.   TWP Fitness installed acoustics in their 2nd floor space along with a new sound system from Points West.  Read about the project here:  KELOWNA GYM’S ACOUSTICAL NIGHTMARE GETS THE POINTS WEST TREATMENT

Down the road when we can see each other in person again there are many things you can do to improve the space you work out in and the overall experience for your customer.  Read about the forward thinking company Sculpthouse and how they use technology to build communities along with strength and endurance.  SCULPTHOUSE BALANCES TECHNOLOGY WITH THE HUMAN ELEMENT FOR AN ENGAGING FITNESS EXPERIENCE

What is our aim? To help our clients deliver best-in-class workouts and a truly unique and on-brand experience that make their customers crave to come back for more.  If you own a fitness space and you’re thinking of investing in a professional AV setup for your studios and auxiliary areas (reception, changing rooms and waiting zones), be sure to get in touch with us before you commit your time (and money) to the project:

  • Of course…. we always recommend acoustics. Poor acoustics in any studio or gym will always affect the clarity of music and intelligibility of a class instructor, no matter how good your sound system technology is! Usually this problem can be improved using soft, absorbent surfaces or acoustic panels, ceilings and floors to ‘deaden’ reverberation and the sonic reflections which confuse a listener’s ear. The most dedicated fitness facilities will invest in fitting an acoustic shell to both improve the acoustics of the space and to help prevent unwanted noise for neighbouring premises.
  • Video walls for larger spaces or to host virtual classes with remote trainers

Points West Audio Visual & Acoustics has provided commercial audio visual and acoustic products for over 25 years and we are locally based in Kelowna.  Stay well and shop local.  






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