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House of Worship AV Solutions

AV technology in worship facilities is growing rapidly. Parishioners are looking for a more interactive experience. Worship leaders want to offer this experience with a higher level of technology, which ultimately leads to better attendance. Many venues are increasingly projecting live images, scriptures and hymnals for the entire congregation to see.

AV technology commonly used in many facilities include:

  • Acoustics - panels, baffles, clouds
  • Sound Systems
  • Projectors or Displays
  • Portable or installed projection screens

“The biggest mistake we see churches make with acoustics is the do-it-yourself approach,” says Tracey Cochrane, Owner of Points West. “Without accurate acoustical measurements the effect is simply, ‘Throw something up against the wall and see what sticks.’ An acoustical specialist can help the church by producing an engineered solution and objective recommendations for acoustical treatment.

Acoustical needs of churches are getting more and more diverse, from preaching, to videos, to choirs and worship bands — all within one worship service.

What’s more, large churches, in particular, find that audio intelligibility varies as Sunday attendance varies, with full houses helping to absorb sound and slower Sundays creating reflective gaps in seating areas that result in reverberant echoes.

The initial meeting is the best time to explain how paying attention to acoustics and putting the PA system decision in the same context as the acoustical solution benefits everyone. We can make an audio hardware and acoustics into a package, and do the equivalent of a cost-benefit analysis for all aspects of that package, including the acoustics.

Houses of worship present unique challenges for sound reproduction, including excessive reverberation, specific building requirements, and a variety of uses. When you choose Points West to design a sound system for your house of worship, you get products and technologies that deliver the reliable performance you seek with the simplicity and versatility you need.


The advantages of a sound system designed by the specialists at Points West:

  • Quality, scalable sound solutions customized to your needs
  • Speech intelligibility
  • Simple control and operation
  • Premium performance and elegant design
  • Portable sound solutions
  • Seeing and hearing the system - before it's installed

A Variety of Customers With A Variety of Needs

Points West has worked with a variety of organizations including many not-for-profit organizations, recreation facilities, and community groups throughout BC. Our specialized team will participate in charettes, assemblies and/or engagement meetings to assist and guide the involved parties in choosing the equipment and services that are needed. In many cases, the individuals using the audio visual equipment are casual users or volunteers. The products we recommend must be easy to use and reliable.

We always remember that when volunteers are involved they have a lot of responsibility and pressure thrust upon them and very little time to learn the skills required to operate complicated equipment or systems. We do our best to keep everything simplified to a level so anyone can hit the switch and make it work.

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