Educational Needs Create transformative learning environments, for today and tomorrow.

Create transformative learning environments, for today and tomorrow, with revolutionary new software platforms and innovative interactive products.  Our education customers require audio visual products specific to educational environments.  Whether you require a classroom amplification system from Lightspeed, FrontRow, TOA, Anchor or Audio Enhancement or want to enhance the student’s learning experience with a SMART Interactive whiteboard, display, table or projector, the experts at Points West are here to guide you through your options.

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Interactive Boards, Displays, Projectors, Tables & Accessories

Incorporating an interactive product will:

  1. Give you instant touch control over all software applications
  2. Enable you to draw or write in digital ink using Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint
  3. Let you write over any application, even moving video
  4. Help you capture all your notes and presentations
  5. Save time by emailing your notes or sharing your presentations and lesson plans on a network

SMART Boards Easy to Use

Educational Software

SMART has engineered Notebook Software to enhance the collaborative learning experience with subject-specific add-ons, formative assessment tools, powerful new content, responsive functionality and so much more.  By adding the Notebook iPad App you can actively engage students with SMART Notebook. Create basic multimedia files and complete Notebook lesson activities for personalized and collaborative learning.

The SMART Notebook® Advantage software maintenance plan will ensure everyone gets the most out of SMART Notebook software. A SMART Notebook Advantage subscription ensures teachers always have access to the latest innovations in SMART Notebook software. Your subscription equips you with additional tools to make lessons more dynamic and engaging as we continue to invest in new features and functionality for SMART Notebook software.  The latest versions of SMART Notebook software provide a number of key enhancements and subject-specific add-ons which enable teachers to inspire learning every day.

Lesson Capture Software from FrontRow
Flipping, screen casting, and blended learning are powerful ways to teach, but who has time to learn how to use the recording software, sit down, record, edit, title, and post these videos?

FrontRow Juno® solves this problem by doing the work for you. You can literally record, title, and share screencasts in minutes without ever touching your computer.  Simply say ‘begin’ to start recording a video of all the content on your interactive whiteboard or your computer screen, plus clear voice and media audio. When done, just say ‘finish.’ Juno will automatically title your video with the right name and subject, then post it where you need it to go. Kids who missed class can catch up immediately, and students who want a refresher can view the lesson again — on practically any device, including Windows® or Mac®, smart phones, and more.  Juno is so easy, it finally makes flipping your classroom practical.


Audio Solutions for the Classroom

A sound field or classroom amplification is a sound system specifically intended for classroom use. A system usually consists of a microphone and transmitter, speakers and/or personal FM hearing receivers. The positioning of the speakers in the classroom is key to sound distribution. A sound field enables every student to hear.

Benefits of Classroom Audio

  • 96% improvement in student attentiveness (Canada)
  • 93% improvement in student comprehension (Canada)
  • 63% decline in teacher sick days taken because of vocal fatigue (USA)
  • 60% improvement in comprehension for ESL learners (USA)
  • 58% improvement in student behavior (Canada)
  • 40% improvement in first-grade reading scores (USA)
  • Nearly 40% reduction in Special Education referral rates (USA)
  • 16% improvement in speech discrimination for Aboriginal students (Canada)

Originally developed for hearing-impaired or ADHD students, significant benefits have been realized for ALL students and teachers in a sound field classroom. These include: increased academic performance, speech understanding, reduction in vocal fatigue, reduced teacher absenteeism, and student on-task behavior.

Lightspeed Technologies - Strengthening the Connection Between Students and Teachers
Effective and easy to use classroom audio solutions deliver optimum speech intelligibility, overcome classroom noise and provide crystal clear sound to all your students regardless of where they may be seated or where the teacher may be standing. Teachers report reduced vocal fatigue, improved classroom management, and increased academic performance without changing curriculum or teaching methods. See the full line of Lightspeed products including the Redcat, Topcat and Flexcat at or search "Lightspeed" under the "products" tab above.

FrontRow - Your school. Connected.
When students can’t hear the instructor clearly, class is over before it starts. FrontRow’s systems are designed with a deep understanding of speech intelligibility, childhood development, evolving technology, and real world usability. FrontRow classroom amplification systems can vastly improve a teacher’s clarity so that children in the back of the classroom hear as clearly as those in the front. FrontRow products are practical, cost-efficient solutions for improving instructional quality in over 60 countries and tens of thousands of classrooms worldwide. Learn more about the FrontRow ProDigital, Juno and ToGo at or search "FrontRow" under the "products" tab above.

Visual Presenters / Document Cameras

When connected to a digital projector or any video input, visual presenters or document cameras, will display whatever object or activity is on their stage. With a close-circuit camera located in the head above the stage a visual presenter can vividly display print documents, 3D objects, photos, slides or even lab dissections. Document camera models vary in size and functionality. Call Points West to discuss which document camera is right for you.

Click here and see the many ways you can incorporate a document camera in your classroom.

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