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Acoustics for Doctors' & Dentists' Offices & Waiting Rooms

Acoustics for Doctors' & Dentists' Offices & Waiting Rooms

June 17, 2019

When it comes to the design of modern medical offices and waiting rooms, soundproofing and noise control are extremely important but almost always overlooked.  This can lead to privacy issues or even anxiety for patients if they are overhearing drilling noises or problems that other patients are having.  

Have you ever been in a dentist’s office and heard a drill from another room resulting in grunts and groans from a patient?  How about a child crying in protest or even screaming? What about waiting sick in a doctor’s office and the echo of constant talking, a TV, children crying and ringing phones makes you feel worse than you did when you arrived?

Points West Acoustics knows all too well how noise in the wrong places at the wrong times can cause problems for patients and the staff who work there.  In medical and/or dental offices, including in the waiting rooms, the last thing anyone needs is more stress.

We have worked with medical specialists to reduce the noise in their waiting rooms and exam rooms.  The main problem they were concerned with was the echo and reverberation as well as the transfer of noise between spaces. The distracting noise made it hard to understand conversation in the waiting areas or there are privacy concerns if conversation was overheard in other spaces.  Consequently, people raised their voices so they could be heard which only made the problem worse. 

Points West and our acoustics teamwork with our customers to make sure we choose the right product or combination of products for the right environment while making sure we take the design and aesthetics into account.  Call Points West at 250.861.5424/800.761.7928 and ask to speak with Cal to start the conversation.  

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