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The problem with boardrooms and offices

The problem with boardrooms and offices

November 6, 2018

Privacy & Containment

Acoustic products assure privacy and improves communication

Points West and our acoustics team chooses to work with quality manufacturers for the best results.  Our friends at Primacoustic prepared this blog and they address how acoustics play a role in privacy and containment of information in boardrooms: 

For the most part, T-Bar ceilings are the standard in today’s offices and boardrooms. This is both good news and bad news. The good news is that the size of the panel follows a standard that make them easily replaceable. The bad news is that these panels are not very effective at controlling echo and are almost useless when it comes to sound containment. The problem is that the hard gypsum walls, office windows and boardroom table reflect sound energy back into the room creating a flutter echo as sound ricochets everywhere. Merely think about last time you were on the phone with someone using ‘hands-free’… the voice at the other end is mixed in with noise echoing inside the room making it difficult to understand what is being said, severely compromising intelligibility. As for containment, sound travels through the ceiling tile into the plenum above and then travels through to the adjacent office. This not only compromises security, but it opens the door to sensitive conversations being overheard by others.

How can Points West help you?

Primacoustic manufacturers a remedy called ThunderTiles™. These unique tiles combine an ultra-absorbent high-density glass wool surface that removes echo from the room along with a heavy gypsum backing board to block noise. The amazing sound absorption immediately improves intelligibility and communication while the added mass blocks sound energy from either exiting or entering the room. This combination assures both privacy and noise control. ThunderTiles come in standard sizes (24″ x 24″ and 24″ x 48″) for the North American market along with metric equivalents (1200x1200mm and 1200x2400mm) for markets such as Europe. ThunderTiles easily drop into place without the need for special tools and when installed, the extra weight will not exceed T-Bar recommended load limits. The panels are shipped in Absolute White™ and may be painted with a light spray-on latex color to suit. ThunderTiles are class-A tested for both flame and smoke spread making them safe for use in high-rise buildings in cosmopolitan areas. They have also been tested for their acoustical properties by independent test laboratories to ensure they perform as specified.

Executive Summary

  • Reduces echo inside the room and improves intelligibility
  • Keeps unwanted noise out of the room
  • Prevents private conversations from escaping
  • Makes it easier to understand hands-free conversations
  • A must have for video conferencing

Call Points West at 250.861.5424 / 800.761.7928 for more information.  Ask for Cal and he can discuss options and solutions for your boardrooms, open office, restaurant, winery, place of worship, community hall or any loud, reverberant space.  

Watch a short video on how acoustics can make a difference in your space: Before & After

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