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Hearing Loops 101: Hearing Aids Become Personal Speakers

Hearing Loops 101: Hearing Aids Become Personal Speakers

June 17, 2015

It is estimated that hearing loss affects as much as 17% of the adult population, a number that continues to rise with our aging population. With such a large portion of the public suffering with hearing loss, it is becoming more and more important that we address their needs and utilize technology in ways that help them feel included. These advances in technology now allow us to use ‘Hearing Loops’ to ensure that those with hearing loss can take part in the world around them.

What is a Hearing Loop?

A Hearing Loop allows a wireless audio signal to be sent directly to hearing aids, cochlear implants, and Hearing Loop receivers, essentially turning them into personalized wireless loudspeakers.

Those with T-Coil enabled hearing aids or cochlear implants just need to flip a switch to get the audio signal sent straight to their hearing device, greatly reducing the impact of background noise and increasing their ability to take part in the world around them.

Where should Hearing Loops be used?

  • Government buildings and facilities (ie: Kelowna Council Chambers)

  • Schools and education facilities

  • Theatres and Performing arts centres

  • Houses of worship

  • Convention centres

  • Arenas and stadiums

  • Courtrooms

  • Boardrooms

  • Banks and credit unions

  • Movie theatres

  • Ticket counters and drive-thru windows

  • Home theatre systems

Why should I install a Hearing Loop?

Hearing Loops are an excellent way to ensure that people who have hearing loss are able to fully experience and understand the information around them. Whether it’s a lecture, concert, or important government hearing, all people deserve to participate and enjoy the experiences around them. Plus, you never know when the time may come that you or someone you know needs the assistance of a Hearing Loop.

  • Discreet User Experience - Individuals do not have to ask anyone to receive equipment nor help, they need only switch their hearing aids to the ‘T’ position to hear clearly.

  • Transient Environment Applications - The only solution to support those with a hearing loss at ticket counters, drive-thru windows, train stations, bus stations, airport terminals, or anywhere where traditional ALS systems are not practical.

  • Cost Effective Infrastructure - Requires lower investment in receivers to be purchased, managed or maintained.

  • Hygienic for end users and venues - There is no equipment to hand out therefore venues are not responsible for sanitizing earbuds/stereophones

How do I install a Hearing Loop?

Hearing Loops aren’t something that you can pick up at Costco; they are specialized systems that need to be designed and installed by a certified professional to ensure safety and consistency for your patrons. At Points West, our go-to audio visual guru (Beau) has received the highest Hearing Loop certification available from Listen Technologies. This means that we are able to design, install, and train your team to ensure that you get a great solution that meets the needs for your particular application, whether you’re in BC, Yukon, or the Northwest Territories.


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