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10 Great Reasons Why Classrooms NEED Audio Systems

10 Great Reasons Why Classrooms NEED Audio Systems

April 23, 2015

In our age of rapidly advancing technology, few items have made as big an impact on educational learning as audio and amplification systems. With ever expanding class sizes, getting the attention of a noisy classroom is a challenge to say the least. Once you have the student’s attention, projecting your voice loud enough to be clearly heard and understood by everyone is the next hurdle in your day. As a large majority of a student’s education is dependent on auditory instruction and lectures, a classroom amplification system can go a long way towards ensuring attentiveness, understanding, and higher grades.

These are just 10 of the many reasons why all modern classrooms need audio systems.

  1. Research recommends that a teacher’s voice be 15 dB louder than classroom noise, yet the typical classroom has noise levels equal to or only slightly lower than a teacher’s voice.

  2. 96% improvement in student attentiveness

  3. 93% improvement in student comprehension

  4. 58% improvement in student behaviour

  5. 40% improvement in first-grade reading scores

  6. 63% decline in teacher sick days caused by vocal fatigue

  7. Nearly 40% decrease in Special Education referral rates

  8. Improvements in academic scores, including higher reading and math scores

  9. Children process and filter sound less effectively than adults do and more likely to be “overloaded”

  10. The cost of a classroom amplification system is roughly the same as a single computer, yet it has a much longer lifespan, does not require updates, and it benefits all children in the class

If there is one investment you need to make for your classroom, an amplification system is it.

There are many manufacturers and systems available to meet your classroom needs, including products from industry leaders Lightspeed and FrontRow, as well as TOA, Audio Enhancement, and Listen Technologies. With a wide array of options available to educators, an audiovisual expert like Points West can help you navigate the choices and select the product that best meets your needs and budget, and that helps your students achieve the success levels they deserve.



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